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The connection between the arts and happiness is not only intuitive, but also supported by science!

Research shows that engaging in artistic and creative activities can result in:

The arts give us a platform to process, understand, and express our emotions. They also improve our overall wellbeing by helping us get into a state of “flow”, which positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defined as the mental state of being fully immersed and focused in an activity that is intrinsically rewarding.

As Dr. James Pawelski stated in the World Happiness Summit® Art & Happiness Panel, in addition to academic and economic value, there is a value in the arts for our wellbeing.

If you are an artist who would like to showcase art for our page please submit your artwork to [email protected] or click on the button below.

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What does a happier world look like?

Students celebrating happiness through art and poetry.

The WOHASU Foundation and Al Oerter Foundation teamed up to invite schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties to participate in a contest using the prompt “What does a happier world look life?” Below the voices of students from schools such as Gulliver School are shared through letter and color.


Romero Britto

“Art and Happiness are too important not to share.”

Romero Britto, the founder of the Happy Art Movement, is an international artist whose mission is to share happiness with his vivid color palettes, iconic imagery, and fun-filled scenes. The Happy Art Movement mission is to share love, happiness and optimism around the globe through its unique art and colors.

Britto has created a visual language of love, hope, and happiness inspiring millions worldwide. He generously created the artwork for the first World Happiness Summit®, where he shared his passion and purpose with the WOHASU Community.

Watch Romero Britto’s 2020 WOHASU Reflection, Art & Happiness.

Download his coloring book


Mandy Seligman

Mandy Seligman began her career as a developmental social psychologist. She has spent the last thirty years traveling around the world with Martin Seligman spreading the knowledge of Positive Psychology. She parented and homeschooled their five children with the tools that were developed in Positive Education and in Positive Parenting. Mandy’s main interests are Positive Psychology applications in the family, at home, and across the lifespan. 

She is a fine art, prize-winning photographer and a member of the SohoPhoto Gallery in New York City. Mandy is currently working on “Scarred Beauty”: A photographic exhibit that explores spirituality, mindfulness, and the power of art to heal.


Nathan Leigh Jones

Nathan Leigh Jones, currently undertaking a PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Adelaide, studies the impact of music and lyrics on emotional wellbeing. Nathan believes if we can harness the power of music, we can change our emotions, change our behavior, and ultimately change the world.

Listen to the Resilience Playlist that Nathan curated especially for WOHASU.

Watch his Master Class on July 9th at 6 PM here.